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Senate Poised to Block Debate on Voting Rights Bill

Senate Poised to Block Debate on Voting Rights Bill

The Senate is expected to block a voting rights bill on Tuesday that President Biden and the Democrats have described as a vital measure to protect democracy, according to The New York Times. 

Known as the For the People Act, the legislation is designed to strengthen voting rights by enacting automatic voter registration and expanding early voting and absentee ballots. It would also increase federal funding for election security, implement campaign finance laws, and change certain redistricting rules.

Democrats introduced the bill in light of recent restrictive voting laws passed in several states nationwide. Republicans will likely use a filibuster to prevent the measure from advancing at all. 

“It’s not a vote on any particular policy…It’s a vote on whether the Senate should simply debate the issue about voting rights, the crucial issue of voting rights in this country” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in an effort to persuade Republicans to proceed with the debate. 

Cognizant of the uphill battle ahead, Democratic leaders worked to present a united front on Monday evening, drumming up support around a narrower version of the For the People Act put forth by Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, the only Democratic holdout on the bill. 

However, even if Senator Manchin does vote with the rest of his party, Democrats are not likely to reach the 60 votes needed to override a legislative filibuster and proceed with debate on the measure. 

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