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Fakespot Removed from Apple iOS App Store Following Amazon Complaint

Fakespot Removed from Apple iOS App Store Following Amazon Complaint

Late last week, Apple granted Amazon’s request for the app-store removal of Fakespot, a service designed to help consumers by identifying fake product reviews, according to The Verge.

Amazon submitted its initial appeal in early June, claiming that Fakespot’s recent tech update facilitated the theft of customer data. The app is now no longer available on iPhone or iPad, and company executives are crying foul. They maintain that Fakespot accumulated 150,000 installs without any advertising and say they will not back down.

In a statement made to Gizmodo, Fakespot’s founder Saoud Khalifah shared his perspective:

“We’re in our complete right to be able to specify our independent opinion on reviews and on sellers, and we are here to bring the best trusted information for our consumers. This is the whole premise behind Fakespot and the mission that we have as a company. Any kind of spin on that, that we’re violating regulations and things like that, [is false and] open for interpretation. In this case, Amazon’s interpretation can be that we’re violating this, but they have provided no proof that we do. Amazon is willing to bully little companies like ours that showcase the cracks in their company.”

Further, Khalifa is convinced that Amazon knew many customers were passing up its app in favor of Fakespot.

Apple disputed the assertion. Representatives said that “within hours” they “ensured both parties were in contact with one another, explaining the issue and steps for the developer to take to keep their app on the store.”

Fakespot insists that Apple did not offer any additional assistance before removing the app. The company is now considering legal action.

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