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Lil Nas X Spoofs Controversy Over “Satan Shoes”

Lil Nas X Spoofs Controversy Over “Satan Shoes”

Lil Nas X has released a teaser video to promote his new song “Industry Baby,” set to drop this Friday, according to Rolling Stone. 

The clip depicts a courtroom scene spoof on his recent legal dispute with Nike, which unfolded this spring when the company filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit against creative agency MSCHF over its footwear collaboration with the singer. “Satan Shoes,” the now recalled 666-pair limited edition of modified Nike Air Max 97s, feature satanic imagery and a drop of blood in each sole, according to Vox. 

But the trailer’s social satire extends beyond the lawsuit alone. Lil Nas X plays nearly every role – including that of the defendant, judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, and at least one juror – packing a punch in his two-minute performance.

The prosecution states that the case “is about much more than shoes,” then asks, “Mr. Nas X, are you gay?” 

Lil Nas X responds that he is gay and his mom knows it, too, at which point “Judge Thomas,” whose character bears obvious resemblance to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, sentences Lil Nas X to “five years in Montero State Prison.”

“Industry Baby” and its forthcoming full music video were produced by Kanye West and Take a Daytrip. The track will feature Jack Harlow and is expected to appear on Lil Nas X’s debut album Montero. The release date has yet to be announced.

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