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Hang Out with 3D Arctic Animals Thanks to Google AR

Hang Out with 3D Arctic Animals Thanks to Google AR

Google has teamed up with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to bring five new endangered species to your living room via augmented reality (AR), according to Gizmodo.

The 3D additions include the Arctic fox, lynx, harbour porpoise, white-backed woodpecker, and moss carder bee. All five are indigenous to the Arctic and sub-Arctic, and have been impacted by the climate crisis to such an extent that they are now on Sweden’s “Red List” of at-risk species.

Rollout of the new animals coincided with last week’s United Nations Biodiversity Conference, where countries from around the world discussed how to best protect endangered species and the environment. Experts say much of it boils down to economic incentives, according to Reuters.

“We are witnessing the emergence of new investment solutions across geographies and across asset classes. Investors are realizing that the cost of inaction exceeds the cost of action,” said Anita McBain, CitiGroup’s Head of Independent ESG Research in Europe and the Middle East.

Google’s new Arctic animals can be found using the mobile app search bar, which offers an option to “view in 3D” and “view in your space” on compatible devices.

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