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Apple Launches Nationwide DIY Repair Program

Apple Launches Nationwide DIY Repair Program

Certain U.S. iPhone users now have the opportunity to repair their own tech thanks to Apple’s new “Self Service Repair” program. The company is offering more than 200 parts and tools that people can order to fix the display, battery, and even camera on the iPhone 12, 13, or third-generation iPhone SE, according to The Verge.

Users can opt to rent repair kits for $49 per week if they do not want to purchase them. The tools included are reportedly identical to those used by the company’s authorized repair providers. Qualifying customers will also be able to receive credit for recycling replaced parts.

The program represents a major policy shift for Apple, which had previously enforced strict regulations around customers’ ability to access genuine parts for device repairs. Despite their enthusiasm about the new service, company representatives maintain that the DIY option is not right for everyone.

“For the vast majority of customers who do not have experience repairing electronic devices, visiting a professional repair provider with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts is the safest and most reliable way to get a repair,” the company said in a press release.

The company intends to expand their “Self Service Repair” program beyond the U.S., beginning with Europe later this year, and also announced future plans to release repair manuals and parts for select computer models with M1 processing chips.

Apple is not alone in its move to make genuine repair parts more accessible. Both Google and Samsung recently announced similar initiatives following increased pressure from regulators and repair rights activists, who believed the restrictions were causing people to prematurely discard their devices.

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