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Columbus, Ohio, Teachers Strike Days Before Start of School Year

Columbus, Ohio, Teachers Strike Days Before Start of School Year

The biggest school system in Ohio is facing a major obstacle on the cusp of the new school year. Unionized teachers in the Columbus Education Association (CEA) voted to go on a districtwide strike Sunday, just three days before students are scheduled to return to the classroom. It is the district’s first unionized teacher strike in nearly 50 years, according to CNN.

Teachers spent weeks negotiating with Columbus City Schools over issues relating to class size, arts and physical education instruction, and working conditions, including guaranteed air conditioning. The union, which represents nearly 4,500 teachers, librarians, counselors, educational staff, and nurses also requested an eight percent increase at each rung of its salary scale over the next three school years.

The school board countered with three percent as its “final offer,” and reportedly threw in a $2,000 retention bonus that would be paid over the next couple of years, but were ultimately unable to reach an agreement with the union.

“94 percent of Columbus Education Association [CEA] members voted to reject the [school] Board’s last, best and final offer and go on strike for the first time since 1975,” the union said in a statement via Twitter. “CEA is committed to bargaining for the safe and welcoming, properly maintained, and fully-resourced public schools Columbus students deserve.”

Teachers began picketing at 20 different locations this morning, with 19 schools and the district’s Southland Center among them.

Classes are scheduled to start on Wednesday and will be covered by substitute teachers for the time being. The district is now poised to begin the year online.

“We value and respect our teachers, and we will continue on a path toward collaborative solutions that address what is best for our children,” Columbus Board of Education President Jennifer Adair said in a statement.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther is urging both sides to resume negotiations. The board plans to hold an emergency meeting at 8 p.m. Monday night.

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