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Hinge Debuts New ‘Video Prompts’ and ‘Prompt Polls’

Hinge Debuts New ‘Video Prompts’ and ‘Prompt Polls’

The dating app Hinge has introduced new “Video Prompts” and “Prompt Polls” features in an effort to help attract a younger demographic and offer alternative ways for people to engage with possible matches.

Among the 16 “Video Prompts” rolled out Tuesday are “Something that’s special to me,” “Hi from me and my pet,” and “Rate my fit.” The platform’s new “Prompt Polls” enable users to publish a question with three customized response options for profile viewers to choose from, according to TechCrunch.

Users can access the new features under “Edit Profile,” and may incorporate either a video prompt, prompt poll, or both. The optional additions will appear under the first photo on a person’s profile.

“With the launch of Video Prompts, we’re continuing to minimize the guesswork daters sometimes experience, so our community feels confident about the person they’re going to meet,” Michelle Parsons, Chief Product Officer at Hinge, said.

The platform has incorporated video capabilities before, but this new set of video-specific prompts may only be recorded within the Hinge app. Company representatives believe that taking third party editing software out of the equation will help maintain more transparent exchange between users.

Hinge also introduced a new “Not-so-Frequently Asked Questions” guide last month to answer questions specifically about LGBTQIA+ dating on the platform, according to Mashable. The responses address how to handle certain situations like when someone is misgendered, or the best way for those not yet ready to publicize their sexual preferences to go about using the app.

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