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Former Google Employees Angered Over Impact of Layoffs on Medical Leave Pay

Former Google Employees Angered Over Impact of Layoffs on Medical Leave Pay

A group of former Google employees are voicing their outrage over the company’s refusal to remit the outstanding medical leave pay owed to those laid off. More than 100 workers, some of whom were on maternity leave when they were let go, have formed an organization now known as “Laid off on Leave,” according to CNBC.

They are demanding a response from Google’s corporate office.

“We invite the C-Suite to iterate with us like Googlers do,” the laid-off workers wrote in a letter. “To come up with something more accessible and in line with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workplace commitments the company touts.”

The employees say that Google assured them they would be compensated through the end of any previously agreed-upon medical leave terms, in addition to severance pay. While some workers have been able to get additional health insurance temporarily covered as part of their severance packages, many immediately lost access to their physicians once laid off, because the doctors were staffed at Google-owned facilities, according to Engadget.

Kate Howells, a former Google employee who had been at the company for over nine years, said she was let go while still in the hospital after giving birth.

Another organized group has submitted an open letter to Google CEO Sunda Pichai asking the company to honor its employment contracts until the end of workers’ planned leave periods and freeze new hires as long as layoffs continue, among other requests. They letter has been signed by more than 1,300 Google staffers so far.

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